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high heel shoes women wearFeminism is wrongly interpreted, and the way of women projecting their personality to high standards does not necessarily means to exhibit themselves as a symbol of sex or goes by the name ‘sexy’. However, In order to survive modernized world hurdles and also to gain their recognition in any field of their choice, being sexy is an unwritten rule. So the perception of sexy and elegant is not alone contributed by wearing makeup or clothes alone, but, it comes as a whole package of excellent personality, exceptional communication, make-up, clothes and finally the whole final touch of the elegance or sexiness achieved through sexy high heels. These high heels drastically increase the look of the women with added sexy boost for the exterior perception.

Why do the women wear high heels?

It is not always the fashion is to blame, but there are other needs such as professional requirements, personality enhancements, require women to wear these extra inches in their feet. Moreover, the women prefer high heel to show themselves as tall people, with firm and sexy legs, and the upright vertical position helps to give a sexy posture of the gluteal region as well as breast enhancement.

What heels do with the foot?

Initially, it is quite a fight to fit your feet into the heel. It takes time and practice to be adjusted with those additional inches. The early reaction to the feet is pain and irritation, however, when the high heels become an everyday wearable the women are acclimatized with the pain and uneasiness. Nevertheless, the pressure the heel exerting on the feet, especially on the ball of the feet. The amount of the pressure exerted by the heels on the foot increases as with the size of the heel. The main problems, which these heels can bring, are the development of strains or fractures of the foot. However, the long-term pressure together with an uncomfortable position and tight heels lead to the development of bunions or corns.

This complication of the foot does not resolve on its own, but it may require a surgical correction in order for the foot to work normally. Moreover, the pressure is not only limited to the ball of the foot, but it may continue to the toes, and the excessive pressure on the tendons, ligaments and the physical stress on the joints lead to the curling of toes, and the medical condition for is termed as Hammer toes. It also requires orthopedic operations or heavy surgical corrections.

The next important problem the heels bring it to the foot is the formation of bump like structure. The strap of the heels pressing with the heel leads to constant friction and pressure on the foot. The sensation of numbness, irritation along with severe pain appears which act as a symptom for the disease named Morton’s neuroma. Morton’s neuroma is an inflammatory change of the tissue around the nerve, which is located in between the 3rd and the 4th toe.

What are the adverse effects on the knee by the heel?

The extra inches not only causing excessive stress on the foot but causing immense pressure on the knee joint, especially the inner part of the knee, as well as on the muscles of the calves. The pressure that is transmitted from the foot is much greater than the norm that the knee can bear it. This results in wearing out of the cartilages lining the knee joint and results in a painful condition called as osteoarthritis.

What do the heels do to the body?

The changes in the women’s body have to go through in order to live with the heels are impeccable. The first adjustment the women have to do is to change their posture in order to compensate with the heel position. This result in a pushed body position to the front, but the legs stays in its firm and fixed location. This brings the erector spinae muscles of the back to sore as a result of it. It does not stop its effect, but it continues to the chest, as well as to the upper back muscles and to the back part of the neck and then to the shoulder muscles and this pain might radiate to the arms.


The women’s sexy attire is not complete until she wears the extra inches of heel. However, the pain she has to go through the whole lifetime is unimaginable. The long-term side effects and the irreversible defects, which the heels do to the body, are immense and intense. The painful tale of the feet continues even after the heels removed, hence a better solution is to avoid such uncomfortable heights to permanently protect us from the high cost extensive foot surgeries to correct all those defects that the high heels would bring home.

After analyzing all those advantages and the adverse effects that the high heels give us to the body, the adverse effects dominate the list. This makes the use of heels unfit for everyday usage.