Insurance Coverage: Every individual’s group insurance policy is different. We sometimes see patients 
for tests, procedures, and even visits that their insurance company will not cover. 
To help prevent these situations, please refer to your insurance handbook before 
you make your appointment. We suggest you confirm the following questions with your insurance company: * Does my policy require a co-payment and/or what is my deductible?

* Do you need a referral to see a specialists? We (Podiatrist) are considered specialists.

* Does my policy cover: routine foot care and to what extent per year?

At Dr. Paul A. Weiner Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, we are here to help you as much as possible with claims that are submitted to your insurance company. If procedures are done in the office that are deemed non-covered by your insurance company, you will be responsible for payment. We always make every effort to verify podiatry benefits as a courtesy to our patients. If we are given incomplete or inaccurate information from you or your insurance company, we will not accept responsibility for this erroneous or incorrect information. We encourage you to take the time to become familiar with your individual insurance plan. It is important that you know your coverage and check it annually or whenever your insurance changes. We are always here to help in anyway we can and will be glad to work with you and your insurance company to clear any matters that may arise. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 561-265-5424 or contact us here. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Insurance Plans and Coverage

Below are some of the insurance plans we accept at our office. If you have any questions about your insurance policy or if you need a referral, please call us at (561) 265-5424or contact us.


Aetna Insurance

avmed insurance

care plus insurance

Florida Plus Insurance

Blue Cross Blue shield Insurance

Staywell Kids Insurance

Wellcare Insurance

Molina Healthcare Insurance

TriCare Insurance

United Healthcare Insurance

Humana Insurance



Emblem Insurance

 Posted on : September 5, 2014