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High Heels – A tale of painful feet

Feminism is wrongly interpreted, and the way of women projecting their personality to high standards does not necessarily means to exhibit themselves as a symbol of sex or goes by the name ‘sexy’. However, In order to survive modernized world hurdles and also to gain their recognition in any field of their choice, being sexy […]

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Bolstering Heel Pain Therapy And Patient Adherence At Home

The treatment of plantar fasciitis (heel pain) not only depends on in-office modalities but also on patients doing exercises on their own. With a new patient-friendly kit, patients can continue the healing at home. Thera-Band and Biofreeze are trusted brands in the podiatric and rehabilitation community. Now the Hygenic Corporation offers both in a new […]

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Addressing Calcaneus Gait With AFOs

I received a call from a colleague with questions regarding how to make an AFO for a patient who had a poor outcome following a spinal surgery. She developed a dropfoot on the left side. This is not an unusual complication of such a surgery. What was unusual, however, was that on the right side, […]

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