Ingrown toenails are a common condition where the side or the corner grows into the soft flesh. Inflammation and the pain begins at the place where the nail curls into the skin. Afterwards, the inflamed region can start to grow additional tissue. The Big toe usually is affected more commonly.

Ingrown Toenails can progress to an infection as well as an abscess that will require operative treatment, if they are left untreated.

Ingrown toenails are common in teens and adults but unusual in babies and children. They are usually more common in men than in girls.


Improper trimming of the toenail can cause them to dig into the skin’s corners.

Illnesses like fungal infections can cause widened toenail or a to grow.

Then you may be more prone to develop one, also, if an associate has an ingrown toenail.


  • Ingrown toenails can be treated at home, if in the early stage. Below are common things you can do to help.
  • Soak the foot everyday. You don’t have to add antibacterial agents, soaps or bath salts.
  • Wash the foot, such as the affected region, twice a day with water and soap. Keep the foot dry and clean during the day’s rest.
  • Don’t wear tight fitting shoes or high heels. Consider doing so until the condition clears up, wearing sandals, if possible.
  • Attempt to lift the corner of the nail which is digging into your skin up. Get a little piece of gauze or cotton and roll it between your fingers to form wick or a little roll. Subsequently put the roll between the skin and the nail . This really is not painless, but is the most significant part home treatment. After every soaking, try and shove on the roll a little further in. Alter the roll out daily.

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 Posted on : July 23, 2014